Can't stop. Won't stop.

Son of Thunder.
Unprofesional rock climber.
Caffeine dealer and milk pusher.
Straight edge.
Spawned in 1987.
Lets be friends!

Anonymous asked: how do you like to make love to a girl?

Make love? With my entire being. Every movement and every breath should be poured into her, listening to her body with my own. I make love by following communication and trust. To me the act of making love is the by product of an entire relationship of foreplay. And I don’t mean oral sex or dirty talk I mean deep foreplay as in random acts of kindness and love letters and thoughtful gifts. Walking up behind her and wrapping my arms around her and breathing in her scent while I kiss her neck. A quick butt slap when she gets out of the car, a random neck massage after dinner. That is all foreplay and that is just build up to the things people think of as traditional foreplsy and then to making love because I found a long time ago that through your actions in the day a woman can be turned on mentally and emotionally and after that her body is ready for you to caress and become one with